The secret spot (kr 200)

Did you know that every man has a point on the body that is even more sensitive than his penis? Oh yes, like a hidden gem the prostate glance is just lying there waiting to be stimulated! Experience a sexual state you have never been in before, and breath deeply as the internal orgasms roll through your body!

FOOT JOB (200 kr)

The technique of foot job involves rubbing the body zones and intimate areas by using the feet. Touches are intended to cause sexual arousal or stimulation till orgasm. This is a very unusual experience, which aims to enrich the overall experience of our erotic massage.

BDSM (kr 300)

This session is something different to experience! Do you dare to feel woman control of your body? We are going to tie u up and play. Intense or light, pain and/or sexual tease, set up a session on your own preferences! Remember, we always do it professionaly, conciousnessly and safe!


What is a tantra massage

Tantra massage is a fullbody massage where nudity is something beautiful, where we cherish your body and free your mind and pamper you, ease your breathing and help you relax. Tantra massage activates your senses, waking up each cell of your body and gives you an extraordinary sensual experience.

What is a Nuru massage

Nuru Massage is an extremely sensual kind of erotic massage, focused on body to body contact using special slippery hot oil. Doing this technique a masseuse uses a minimum of her hands and maximizes the body contact which only amplifies physicality and overall experience of erotic massage.
Inventiveness of movements and positions affords the truly extraordinary experience, or erotica gets a new dimensions!


What is Milking

You will be lying on your back and be teased with slippery hands delicately stroking and caressing you until you are shaking.. and then taken to the edge again and again.. for the brave bull πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹ πŸ† with strong stamina you can then experience a true milking.

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